We are here to help you grow your business like you never thought possible. We don’t just give you a desk, we are there to celebrate your successes and regroup after your failures too.

Ways to join

This is what we offer

  • The Egg - Virtual Office

    For those who just need a business address and mail receiving and forwarding with easy access to meeting and conference rooms.
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  • The Larva - Dedicated desks

    Ideal for those that want to move out of their home offices, these spaces are prime for collaboration with like minded entrepreneurs, while still maintaining a space of your own.
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  • The Pupa - Private offices

    Small businesses need a place to thrive. Pupa offices give you the benefits of having your own office somewhere else in addition to numerous upsides to being in a coworking environment - all at a fraction of the cost.
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  • The Chrysalis - Hourly Meeting Space

    Working from home but need a place to meet? We’ve got everything from private offices to large conference rooms available for rent.
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  • The Butterfly - Venture Capitalist/Investors

    Angels - we’re calling you. If you’re looking for some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the Bay Area, we’ve got them under our roof. Come see how we can help each other out. Email us at invest@critosphere.com

The Difference

How we work


It’s almost silly not to leverage the strengths of those around you to get ahead - and when you work from home, you lose that completely.


When everyone else is still working at 6 o’clock on a Friday, you’ll think twice about packing up to go home. We push each other to do better work.


Coworking is all about working together. Everyone is here to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, and troubleshoot with. 


At the end of the day its what you sell that pays the bills. We want to help you build that better than your competitors.

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We have spaces that satisfy all of your needs. Check and see what we have for short (meetings) and long term (memberships) solutions.

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  • We are Cool
  • We are Creative
  • We are Connected
  • We are Critosphere

About us

Meet our team

We are two recent entrepreneurs looking to bring coworking to the East Bay. Tired from working at home and not being able to find suitable office space where we could thrive, we came together to create Critosphere to build new relationships and challenge our ideas.


Milan Kantaria

Managing Co-Founder


Ravi Makadia

Managing Co-Founder


Diana Kim

Office Manager

  • 71% of people surveyed were more creative

    — Annual survey conducted by Deskmag

  • 62% reported that their measure of work improved significantly

    — Annual survey conducted by Deskmag

  • 90% said they felt more confident when coworking

    — Annual survey conducted by Deskmag

  • 70% reported that they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office setting

    — Annual survey conducted by Deskmag


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